About Us

Mediprime Company Healthcare Solutions is a company which is established in 2019 by entrepreneurs with 15 years of experience in the sector. 

Our company, aiming excellence in sales and after-sales service, has been certified by the international quality organization in order to provide ISO 9001 and also ISO 13485 quality standards and is subject to continuous inspection.

Turkey distributorship of products we make are approved by the ministry of health and this products have also CE certificate and FDA approval. Our principle is closely following the medical clinical studies and fairs all over the world to adopt new treatment methods in the best way to serve all people.We also have dealers and staff all around Turkey  to provide our patients with the necessary treatment with our 24/7 dealer and technical staff.


We aim to be a pioneer and innovative company that offers the services of our patients without sacrificing ethics and science by contributing to the development and follow-up of clinical studies and new treatment methods carried out with our professional employees all around the world.


We strive for a healthier life by ensuring that all people have access to innovative and accurate treatment in rare and critical diseases.


Being reliable, emphaty, being perfectionist, and being depend on reason and knowledge are our values. We are also committed to ethical values


To provide high quality service that supports innovation and development with continuous training by using measurement and improvement techniques actively focused on patient and employee satisfaction based on world quality standards.