Cold Cap Application

Scalp Cooling (Cold Cap)

Will you receive chemotherapy?

Protect your hair with Cold Cap application.

Hair loss (alopecia) has been defined as the most severe aspect of perioperative chemotherapy. The degree of hair loss varies depending on the drug and dosage. Clinical studies have shown that scalp cooling is effective in preventing hair loss after cytostatic treatment. Scalp cooling narrows the superficial scalp vessels, reducing circulation there and reducing the rate of chemotherapeutics going to the scalp. Another advantage of scalp cooling is that it reduces the cellular uptake of Anthracycline and Texane group drugs such as Doxorubicin and Taxol. In addition, cooling of the scalp reduces the metabolic rate and reduces the effect of hair follicles on chemotherapy. Different types of devices and cold hats have been produced with low success in the past to prevent hair loss from chemotherapy, but these have shown that head cooling has failed in alopecia, and this idea has often not persisted. With the launch of the Cold Cap system, it has been proven in experiments that the success rate in patients taking Anthracycline group drugs is 80%, and the success rate is over 88% in patients using many other drugs such as Cyclophosphamide and Taxorete.