Swab Kit


Eryigit Swab/VTM Set is a transport system used for collection and transport of cells from clinical samples in VTM for isolation of RNA that will be used in SARS-CoV-2 qRT-PCR detection. This set is suitable for classical RNA extraction methods that use column-based or magnetic-bead based systems.


Nasopharyngeal swabs are used for the detection of respiratory viruses such as RSV, influenza virus A & B or parainfluenza virus. A properly collected viral swab is necessary for detection of these organisms. Amplification of RNA isolated from clinical samples by methods like qRT-PCR is widely used for detection of infectious agents. The sensitivity of these methods is very much dependent on appropriate collection and transport of the samples. Eryigit Swab/VTM Set is a kit prepared to enable obtaining nasopharyngeal samples and safely transporting them to the laboratory for further analyses.


Eryigit Swab/VTM Set contains a “sterile dacron swab” in a plastic package for collecting the sample and a “sterile viral transport medium” in crack proof plastic tube. Samples obtained with the swab is put in the Viral Transport Medium (VTM). Since RNA molecules are very susceptible to nuclease digestion that may be coming from degrading cells, it is recommended to transport the samples in icebox and isolate nucleic acids within 4 hours.